Jad’s Masterclass

Would you like to improve your performance, make your phrasing clearer, have a broader dynamic range and always play with a beautiful tone?

A good coach can help you achieve these goals !

Here you can see a portion of the lesson I was giving the young and very talented Russian guitarist Zot Malakhov. I was trying to impress upon Zot the superiority of stylistic consideration over guitar acrobatics.

As a student, I truly benefitted from attending masterclasses given by masters of the guitar, like Leo Brouwer, Oscar Ghiglia, Alexandre Lagoya, Oscar Caceres, and of course my mentor Abel Carlevaro. Years later I enjoy giving masterclasses because they serve as platforms for some of my most creative periods.

Over the years I have had the privilege of working with remarkable artists, like Pierre Petit and Nadia Boulanger amongs others. The one who influenced me the most was my mentor Abel Carlevaro, whose approach unifies the different aspects of guitar playing under the principle of maximum results through minimum effort. This is achieved by a more efficient use of our hands and body as well as a better understanding of the music.

The professionals and amateurs I’ve had the pleasure of coaching always come closer to fulfilling their potential and achieving their aspirations.

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‘Jad Azkoul has studied and totally assimilated the Instrumental Theory that I developed. Due to his superb talents in guitar and music, it gives me great pleasure to present Maestro Azkoul as my genuine representative.’ 

Abel Carlevaro. Montevideo, May 6, 1997