Jad Azkoul

Concert Guitarist & Teacher

Meet an extraordinairy musician with a UNIQUE career.

An Ergonomic Approach to the Guitar 

Many influences have enriched my life and music throughout the years, but my teaching and playing are largely based on the in-depth study and assimilation of the discoveries of my mentor Abel Carlevaro. The guiding principle of this educator, virtuoso performer and composer was how to minimize physical effort and discomfort in order to maximize efficiency. By using the most appropriate part of the body (finger, hand, wrist, arm) for fluid and accurate playing, and knowing how to obtain the most tone from the guitar, Carlevaro designed an approach in which technique is always at the service of music.

Jad Azkoul can make his instrument sing. This is a skill far more important than the ability to whip out thousands of notes per minute accurately and expressively, which he can also do.

Joseph McLellan

Writer, The Washington Post

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heitor villa-lobos prelude n°1

performed by Jad Azkoul

Jad's Masterclasses !

With years of experience, Jad is able to help his students get rid of the bad habits they developed. He can also help them improve their whole game sometimes by simply
readjusting their body and hand positions.

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