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“Azkoul can make his instrument sing. This is a skill far more important than the ability to whip out thousands of notes per minute accurately and expressively, which he can also do.” 
 THE WASHINGTON POST                                     

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monthly series published in Classical Guitar magazine.

June: Introduction to the Carlevaro School of Guitar

July: The rest stroke revisited

September: A healthier sitting position

October: The left hand and the vital role of the arm



Masterclass at Lisbon (Portugal) Conservatory 3-5 June

Performing at  “Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict”

ExCel Building (London) 10-12 June

Concert at Int’l “Musicales de Grillon” (France) 14 July

Masterclass in Grillon (France) 13-21 July

2 Conferences at EGTA annual congress (York) 22 & 23 July

Arabic Music Retreat, Mt. Holyoke, (USA) 9-16 August

Concert at Bólivar Hall (London) POSTPONED Date TBA

Concert in St. Bartholomew Church (Winchester) 27 September



Masterclass at Ghassan Yammine Ecole des Arts 1 March

Television programme on Beirut MTV 2 March

Lecture on multifaceted guitar at Karaz wa Leimoun 3 March

Masterclass at Lebanese Conservatory 4 March

Concert at Evangelical Church 8 March


November 20, 2013 Jad performed at the

other soloitsts: John Williams, Xuefei Yang, Graham Divine

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Jad was considerably influenced by his mentor, the Uruguayan virtuoso and composer, Abel Carlevaro, both for his own development as well as his approach to pedagogy. In the field of guitar teaching there is a lot of misunderstanding, as too often there is blind reliance on archaic concepts. Interestingly, exceptional guitarists–some of whom may still make use of them in their own teaching–are never slaves to these concepts.

Jad travels regularly for concerts and masterclasses. After three years of weekly travels between Geneva and London, he has now left his position at the Conservatoire Populaire de Musique, Danse et Théâtre in Geneva in order to settle in London where he continues to teach at the London College of Music. His interest in tennis and the Alexander Technique (amongst other things) are proving to be inspirational for a book on the guitar and its relation to real life situations.